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A)        Excellent natural relaxant, one of the most common causes of obesity is that we have fat in our intestines for a few days and most critical cases for up to several days, And during that long period our gut is absorbing fat so weight climbed.

This problem also known as colitis or inflammation of the colon, is usually caused by everyday stress in our work, debts, family tensions, and so on.

So this naturally relaxing effect of the nut, you will reduce the stress level, eliminate your insomnia, and keep you free from anxiety to be eating all day;

So your intestinal obstruction naturally be reduced significantly, then you will have your bowel without inflammation or obstruction, then absorb less fat!.

B)        Excellent natural mild laxative, is that you reactivate your digestive system (visits to the toilet 2 or 3 times a day), if the food you eat today, also out today !!... and will exit with the fat excess !!

Note: You will go naturally and fluently without ever having extreme stomach, remember when you were young and not gained weight.

C)        It is an excellent fat burner, because its composition has beneficial fatty acids as are the Omega 3, Omega 6 and CLA, which help metabolize fat for energy at the cellular level; Which keeps you energized and active throughout your metabolism.

D)        Excellent grease solvent, To dissolve localized fat and by helping of the blood, the grease gets to your back where will be transformed to produce body heat (burning fat), As the first days of treatment you can feel a slight pain in the back like when you do exercise.  and you can also appreciate that form little balls of fat light after a few days disappear.

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Nuez de la india india how effective is it?

Reduce weight and body measurements while you sleep
Nature created this wonderful product and we get closer to you
Rafael Felix
* What are the Benefits?
* Why come down in weight effectively?
* How effective is the nut of India?
* As the nut of India detoxifies?
* Because you reduce weight and look better?
* How to take (Instructions)
Reduce Peso y medidas ya!!
* Clean the gut, then you detoxify by eliminating stale rot
* Removes fat deposits, the fat hard to lose!!
* Fat localized
* Reduces cellulite and tone your skin
* Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, helping to improve high blood pressure
* Tone muscles
* Significantly reduces the urge to eat
* Reduce smoking anxiety
* Cure hemorrhoids
* Cure constipation,
* Helps for arthritis,
* Significantly help for skin and hair,
* Help to control hair loss
* Help to reduce acne problems,
* The best natural product for weight lose!
* NO REBOUNDS, it will reduce real fat, Not water like other products
* This walnut will change your life forever!

It is a natural relaxant, as is a linden tea or other natural tea, So you sleep properly forgetting the worries of the day and insomnia
With this achieved it eliminate daily stress is the main cause of colitis (bowel inflammation), which allows the stool to flow ideally, causing swelling of the abdomen and fat absorption.

It is an excellent natural laxative, such as some plums, then this property of natural laxative bowel added to the uncrowded, will cause everything to flow as it should, without allowing it to cause diarrhea but on the contrary one must reactivate the normal function digestive, remember when you were young and your body functioning as a clock? even if it is normal to delete the same day you've eaten in most people this is no longer the case, leaving fat, carbohydrates and sugars for longer in your body while absorbing and absorbed leading to obesity.

It is an excellent fat burner, the composition of the 3 most important beneficial fats such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and CLA, promote thermogenesis through fat removal for energy for our activities and energy to produce body heat

* Why come down in weight effectively?

The nut of India is a product of 100% natural origin,

The nut of India is 100% natural, unprocessed, and is packaged without preservatives or chemicals added.
This seed is used for hundreds of years to lose weight and maintain an ideal body shape, Nuez de la india provides basically 3 wonderful properties that together make the best product to lose weight.

Nuez de la India; The best way for weight loss! (advantages vs. other weight lose products)

A)        Lose weight while you sleep.
            Burn body fat overnight.

B)        Does not require strenuous exercise.
            We highly recommend that you do at least 15 to 20 minutes of exercise daily, but if you can not or do not have time
            to do, Not a problem anyway you'll lose weight.

C)        Does not require strict diets.
            Just eat healthy, less fat and more fruits and vegetables, is everything you require to lose weight.

D)        Reduce your anxiety by eating.
             'd Quit smoking and feel anxiety about eating, so you can eat just enough without suffering.

E)        Helps your digestive system.
            Eliminate the foods eaten the next day so your body has the opportunity to absorb nutrients
            essentials, but not for the bad fat.

F)         Metabolizes body fat (fat burning).
            By not allowing your body absorb the same amount of fat, then your body will consume the fat that you have deposited
            to produce   energy for your daily activities and body heat.

G)         Thousands have lost weight around the world. (Family, Friends, Neighbors, usually someone you know!).

1) You will have more frequent visits to the toilet and eliminate fat before being absorbed by your body as a whole
2) While going to the bathroom more often cleaned your gut and if you eat fiber even more!
3) If you clean your gut, then eliminate rot and quit absorb toxins.
4) To stop using toxins, substantially improve your metabolism and overall health
5) To improve your metabolism will burn fat more easily
6) Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels will reduce weight and thus improve your blood pressure
7) By increasing your blood pressure, your body work better ALL

                                                   Consume only walnut walnut Original India and enjoys a better quality of life!.

Nuez de la India, detoxifies your body!
Why and how come down weight and look better?

Indian nut has 4 excellent properties, To help lose weight,
These properties together make this the best product to reduce weight and body measurements.

Advisable to take nuts from India, before bed, so lower weight while you sleep
Crush the nut ¼ india with a spoon,
Then put the seeds in water to boil, as boiling starts, turn off the fire, (you can add more water or ice for cooling),
Drink tea, (the water and also the 1/4 seed)

Start up the taking a 1/8 nut seed from India, so your body gradually assimilate the product.
after 4 days then you can increase the portion to 1/4 nut of India (never consume more than 1/4 seed)
Remember that every body is different, so ¼ only a recommendation, if you feel excessive looseness in the stomach reduces the portion to 1/8

If you do not feel that the effect is enough to 1/4, never exceed this portion as it will not help and it is wrong to consume more than it already is accepted as normal dose

before using this product read the contraindications
Prepare a Nuez de la india tea
In the morning when you wake up drink a liter of water, making sure to stay hydrated
Tips and  Tricks

All metabolisms are different and each person will reduce weight according to your metabolism,
But others factors help for better results ... follow them

1) Must be constant to accomplish your goal.
     Remember that it is not only a seed, is one and a half months of treatment.

2) This seed burns fat, do not eat excessive fat during treatment, it is a good idea to burn fat and consuming junk food at the same time.

3) This seed reduces your appetite, eat only if you really want to eat. eat as you normally do.

4) Do not eat fats (or reduce as much as you can), its better to eat fruits and vegetables.

5) The fat is directed to the mitochondria of your cells, performing 20 minutes of daily exercise will transform fat into pure energy.

6) This treatment may be continued until you reach the desired weight.

If you see, even if this seed that revolutionized the world in terms of weight loss,
You can see that, 2 people taking same treatment may have different results, as it says above.

Conditions of Sale

The company guarantees that you will sell, the product called Seeds of Aleurites Muluccana,
seed or nut of India slimming

The company undertakes to make the shipment of the product within 24 hours after the payment of accreditation deposit by paypal or bank deposit, and the client or buyer we may request the tracking number sent to trace it.

Note: Delivery time it takes for the company that is contracted for the shipment is approximately between 2 days and 4 days after your package was put in the mail and will be depending on the distance from the area of ??the order, (For experience, it is highly unlikely a delay in delivery).

In case of bank deposit, the client or who are buying the product through a bank deposit,
must tell us the date, time, branch payment and your name to verify the deposit.

The product is a seed and it is a 100% natural, so that the formation and size variations may have ligereas, as with any natural product.

Each person has a different metabolism, so that the effect of these seeds can vary from person to person.

Not recommended to take this product

• People suffering from stomach ulcer, intestinal, or who has operated stomach or digestive system
· Pregnant or breastfeeding.
· Over 65 and under 15 years.
· Allergic to antibiotics.
· In a state of convalescence.
· In medical treatments.
· With other slimming treatments.

Like any treatment at present an intolerance to the product
Must be suspended immediately, remember that even though it is a 100% natural,
some people may have allergies to many natural products

Once treatment begins you will follow without interruption for the better
Result, the packet of 12 seeds is a treatment that should last you at least 48 days
as the maximum dose is ¼ MUST take seed.

The use of this natural product is the responsibility of who
consume it and who should, be responsible and follow all instructions
If you do then you'll get great benefits!